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Designing Your Outdoor Escape with MP Landscape & Garden Design"

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Designing Your Outdoor Escape

Explore the concept plans and dynamic walkthrough animation for my latest creation—a rear garden in Pontefract, design by MP Landscape & Garden Design.

Admire the enduring charm of Indian sandstone paving accompanied by cobble sets, establishing the foundation for a timeless outdoor retreat. Delight in the elegance of a pergola and arbour, offering graceful spaces for relaxation beneath the open sky. Trellis panels add a touch of privacy, expertly screening the garage and enhancing your oasis. A tranquil water feature complements lush lawn and thoughtfully designed planting areas, creating a seamless blend of nature and personalized design.

Stay tuned for valuable insights and exclusive inspirations on transforming your own outdoor haven, presented by MP Landscape & Garden Design.

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