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My Vision for Wakefield's Rear Garden Oasis by MP Landscape & Garden Design Ltd

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

In envisioning this concept plan and walkthrough animation for a rear garden in Wakefield, I've created a holistic design that harmonizes functionality and beauty. The focal point is an inviting outdoor kitchen, adorned with a pergola and dining area adjacent to the house, setting the scene for delightful outdoor gatherings.

Key Features:

- Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola: A carefully designed space to indulge in outdoor culinary experiences, embraced by a pergola that adds charm and shade to the dining area.

- Block and Render Raised Beds: These structured beds add character while blending seamlessly with the garden's aesthetics, providing a platform for versatile planting options.

- Lush Lawn: A verdant lawn area offers a refreshing contrast, inviting leisurely strolls and relaxation amid the greenery.

- Tranquil Water Feature: Adding a serene touch, the water feature becomes a focal point, infusing tranquility into the garden ambiance.

- Cobble Sets and Thoughtful Plantings: Strategically placed cobble sets and carefully curated plantings elevate the garden's appeal while adding texture and color.

- Children's Play Area: Positioned at the garden's base, a dedicated area ensures a safe and playful zone for children to enjoy.

This design harmonizes various elements, merging entertainment, relaxation, and playfulness to create a multi-functional garden retreat that appeals to both adults and children. It's a testament to the seamless integration of diverse features within this garden in Wakefield.

My Vision for Wakefield's Rear Garden Oasis by MP Landscape & Garden Design Ltd

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