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Terraced Garden Haven in Ackworth

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Terraced Garden Haven in Ackworth.

Explore the landscape concept design plans and immersive walkthrough animation by MP Landscape & Garden Design, unveiling a picturesque segment of a sprawling garden in Ackworth. The envisioned space features a grand terraced area adorned with Indian sandstone paving and cobble sets, harmonizing with a sprawling patio. An inviting timber outdoor room sets the scene for relaxation amidst nature's beauty. Adjoining this, a pristine level lawn offers serenity while steps lead to another patio area, boasting a captivating fire pit. Meandering paths guide through lush trees, unveiling a circular hillside patio, offering panoramic views of the expansive countryside. Trace the path back to the elevated terraced area, completing this enchanting journey through a slice of Ackworth's captivating landscape.

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