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Multi-Level Garden Design, Wakefield.

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Garden design plans and walkthrough animation designed by MP Landscape & Garden Design. In this rear multi-level garden in Wakefield, Indian sandstone paving and cobble sets form enchanting patios and pathways. The brick retaining walls and raised beds, seamlessly blending with the property's aesthetic.

At the lower level, discover an inviting space for dining and BBQ gatherings. Ascend steps to find a serene outdoor office area alongside a charming patio and lush lawn. Further elevated steps reveal another verdant lawn interspersed with thoughtfully arranged plantings. Ascend to the highest level to a captivating patio offering a panoramic view of the garden below, adorned with a serene water feature and an inviting arbour. This orchestrated design paints a vibrant canvas of leisure and beauty within Wakefield's landscapes.

Multi-Level Garden Design Wakefield.

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