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Tiered Garden Design in Wakefield.

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Step into the envisioned garden plans and immersive walkthrough animation by MP Landscape & Garden Design, revealing a captivating tiered garden in Wakefield. The lower level, adjacent to the house, features an Indian sandstone paved patio with cobble sets, accompanied by brick raised beds serving as retaining walls. Amid these, a pergola stands, offering access to the upper tier through archways. Ascend to the upper level via a cobble set path leading to a shed and a tranquil patio area sheltered by a pergola. Admire the harmonious blend of a lush lawn and inviting planting beds. The lower levels is designed for delightful BBQs and al fresco dining. designed by MP Landscape & Garden Design a tiered garden design in Wakefield.

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