Design Service



The initial meeting will carried out over the phone or with an online meeting with ZOOM. After having a chat about requirements we can the go through my questionnaire so I can get a full understanding of what features you do and do not want in your finished garden.

I will then arrange with you when to carry out the survey of your garden.

You do not need to be there, I will carry it out on my own.

Initial Meeting



I will draw to scale two colour Concept Plans with 3D imagery and walk through animations which will provide you with two different concept designs.

These I will share with you as PDF files there is a link on them to the walk through animations.

I will ask you to select your preferred design noting any alterations required.  The amended concept plan will be produced from the selected plan incorporating any agreed alterations. Once you are happy with the amendments I will draw the garden layout plans 

Concept Plans


Concept Plans-1

5,Garden designer Wakefield.JPG
2, Garden design, colour layout plan, Wa

Concept Plan-2

8, Concept plan-2, 3D images for a new b
7, Concept plan-2 for a new build proper

Walk through animation

Concept Plans-2

1,Garden designer Wakefield.JPG
4, Concept plan-1, 3D images for a new b
2, Colour concept plan-1 for a new build
3, Concept plan-1 for a new build proper

Walk through animation


These plan details all the elements, features and materials that will be used in the construction of your garden.

This is a true to scale plan and therefore shows the true proportions of your designed garden.

With each design I also provide an animated walk through for your garden design to enable you to get a real sense of the feel and space of your new garden.

Again these will be sent to you as PDF file with the animation attached.

Garden Layout Plans


2, Garden design, colour layout plan, Wa

Garden Layout Plans

3, Garden design, layout plan, Wakefield
5, Dimensiond plan, Wakefield.JPG
3D image of a garden layout, Wakefield-1