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Initial Meeting

"Your Personalized Garden Design Journey: Let's Meet and Create Together"


At MP Landscape & Garden Design, I believe that your dream garden begins with a conversation. My commitment to creating bespoke outdoor spaces means that your needs, ideas, and preferences are at the heart of my design process. That's why I meet you at you at your premises for an in-depth discussion, where I'll explore your vision, style preferences, and all the details that matter to you.

A Collaborative Approach:

I understand that every garden is unique, just like its owner. My goal is to collaborate with you to ensure your garden design reflects your personality, tastes, and lifestyle. Your input is invaluable, and I am here to listen and incorporate your ideas seamlessly into the design.

What to Expect:

When you meet me at your premises, you can anticipate a productive and enjoyable session. Here's what you can look forward to:


1. In-Depth Discussion:

I'll take the time to discuss your needs, desires, and ideas. Whether you have a clear vision or are seeking inspiration, this conversation sets the stage for a tailored garden design.

2. Style and Color Exploration:

I'll delve into your preferred garden style, color schemes, and aesthetic preferences. Whether you envision a modern oasis, a cottage garden, or something entirely unique, I am here to bring your vision to life.

3. Garden Survey:

To ensure precision in my design, I'll conduct a detailed survey of your garden during the meeting. This includes assessing the aspect, dimensions, and levels of your outdoor space. This valuable information serves as the foundation for a design that perfectly fits your garden's layout.

Your Garden, Your Design:

My mission is to empower you to be an integral part of the garden design process. Your insights, combined with My expertise, will result in a garden that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


Your journey to a personalized garden design begins with a meeting at your premises. I look forward to meeting you, getting to know your unique requirements, and embarking on this exciting creative journey together. At MP Landscape & Garden Design, I believe that your garden should be a reflection of you, and I am dedicated to making that vision a reality. Get in touch today to schedule your meeting, and let's start crafting the garden of your dreams.

, dimensions and levels.

Initial Meeting

Concept Plans

I will draw two detailed Concept Plans to scale, each accompanied by vivid 3D imagery and captivating walk-through animations. These plans offer two distinct design perspectives, allowing you to visualize the possibilities for your outdoor space.

 Digital Presentation

The Concept Plans will be presented to you as convenient PDF and image files. Embedded within them are links to walk-through animations, providing you with an immersive experience of your future garden.

 Your Design Selection

I value your input immensely. After reviewing the Concept Plans and animations, I invite you to select your preferred design. Your choice may include any alterations or adjustments to ensure it perfectly reflects your desires.

Design Refinement

Once your preferred design is chosen, I'll refine it to incorporate any agreed-upon alterations. This process ensures that your garden design aligns precisely with your vision and requirements.

Concept Plans
MP Garden Designs, Lighting-8_edited.jpg

Michael has always has a very professional approach...……..

We are delighted with the results and are amazed at how




I was a cynic when it came to garden design...…..


Mr Palmer work is excellent, he in knowledgeable



MP Garden Design has done a superb job on a small rear garden


Concept Plans-1

MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.

Walk Through Animation

Concept Plans-2

MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.

Walk Through Animation

Garden Layout Plans
MP Landscape & Garden Design-Pontefract-5_edited.jpg

Brilliant service from start to finish did an amazing job designing our garden love it thank you Michael

Great service from start to finish. Michael listened to our thoughts for the


Michael recently designed the back garden for our new home


We hired Michael to design our back garden in October/November 2017. We were 


Fantastic design and realisation of our back garden makeover 5 years ago, the design stood the test...…...

Garden Layout Plans

At MP Landscape & Garden Ltd, transparency and precision are at the core of my landscape design process. I believe in providing you with every detail you need to envision your dream garden. Here's how I do it:

 Comprehensive Garden Plans:

My plans meticulously outline all the elements, features, and materials that will bring your garden to life. From hardscape to the garden feature, every component is thoughtfully included.

 True-to-Scale Accuracy:

My plans are true to scale, preserving the exact proportions of your envisioned garden. You'll get an accurate representation of what your future outdoor space will look like.

Immersive Walk-Throughs:

To help you truly experience your garden's ambiance and spatial arrangement, I provide animated walk-throughs. These captivating animations offer a real sense of the look and feel of your new garden.

Convenient Digital Delivery:

Your plans and animations are delivered as PDF files for easy accessibility. You'll find the animations thoughtfully attached for your convenience.

With my detailed plans and immersive walk-throughs, you'll have all the information you need to create your new garden. Contact me today to embark on this journey toward your dream garden.

MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.
MP Landscape & Garden Designs concept plans.

Walk Through Animation


Construction & Project Monitoring Service

At MP Landscape & Garden Ltd, I dedicated to making your garden design journey as seamless as possible. I provide you with versatile options, project monitoring for peace of mind. 

 DIY-Friendly Plans:

All my design plans are DIY-friendly. You can use them as a blueprint to construct your garden independently. 

Project Monitoring:

At MP Landscape & Garden Ltd, I prioritize the seamless realization of your garden design.  My Project Monitoring Service is designed to ensure that your completed garden aligns with the plans I crafted for you. Here's how this service simplifies your garden construction journey:

1. Your Single Point of Contact:

My Project Monitoring Service makes your life easier. You'll have one dedicated point of contact, streamlining communication throughout the project. I act as the bridge between you and the contractor(s), ensuring everything goes according to plan.

2. Smooth Project Initiation:

Once you've agreed on the project's price, I'll work with you and the contractor(s) to set a start date and payment schedule. I ensure a hassle-free beginning to your garden transformation.

3. Expert Guidance and Layout:

On the start date, I meet with the contractor(s) to discuss the design thoroughly. If the site requires clearing, I return after clearing to set out the design accurately. I provide the contractor(s) with all necessary setting-out drawings.

4. Continuous Monitoring:

Throughout the project, I make regular site visits . These visits serve to guide the contractor(s) in adhering to the design and plan. Any deviations without prior consent are the responsibility of the contractor(s) to rectify, as agreed upon.

5. Clear Communication:

You have full access to me for any project queries. I am here to address your concerns promptly, ensuring transparency and confidence in the process.

Project Completion and Final Inspection:

Upon project completion, I meet with you on-site to ensure your complete satisfaction with your new garden.

Service Cost:

The cost for this valuable service is 5% of all the contractor's final invoices, ensuring quality assurance and peace of mind.

For Self-Managed Projects:

If you're using your own contractors, we offer a one-time site visit. We'll meet with you and your main contractor to discuss the project and set it out on the ground. Please ensure the area is cleared for this service. The cost for this visit is £130.00 and does not include pins and spray.

At MP Landscape & Garden Ltd, our Project Monitoring Service is your guarantee of a smoothly executed garden transformation. Contact us today to begin your garden journey with confidence and expertise.

. Contractor Quotations:

Upon completion of the garden design service, if desired, I can provide you with a written quotation from an approved contractor. This quotation details the cost for the project, giving you clarity and confidence.

 Quality Assurance:

Rest assured, all construction work is carried out by approved contractors under the vigilant project monitoring of Michael Palmer. Your garden project benefits from our commitment to excellence and quality assurance.

Legal Terms:

Please be aware that while I recommend contractors, MP Landscape and Garden Design Ltd do not assume liability for their work, materials, or site safety. Contractors guarantee their own work.

Customer Responsibility:

I emphasize that customers are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions and approvals for their garden projects. The Company is indemnified against any liability, costs, or expenses arising from work conducted without proper permission or consent.

For a detailed understanding of my terms and conditions, please refer to this link.

At MP Landscape & Garden Ltd, I an committed to flexibility, quality, and transparency in every garden project. Contact me today to start your garden transformation journey with confidence.

Project Mon
MP Garden Designs, Lighting-6_edited.jpg

Thank you again for transforming our  garden into a pleasurable place...………..

Thank you for our garden! We have been here over seven


We are delighted with the garden MP Garden Designs have created for us...……..

MP Garden Design provided us with a professional service from start to ……..

Your concept encapsulated our ideas perfectly


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