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Cubic outdoor kitchens

You only want to build an outdoor kitchen once, so why not choose the best? Premium Cubic kitchens are made in Germany by a business with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing outdoor furniture. It is long-lasting and and does not need a roof, so all your utensils will be stored safely & dry in weatherproof drawers, cupboards & storage spaces.

Cubic kitchens are made for those who appreciate good design & quality, have a passion for outdoor cooking, and demand a superior outdoor experience. They are compatible with all the top outdoor appliance brands - Fulgor Milano, Barazza, Green Egg, Wolf, Flammkraft, Monolith, Indu+, Napoleon, Beefeater, Delivita, and Alfaforni.

​And there's no reason to be subject to a one-color policy. Choose from ten standard cabinet colors, any RAL color at extra cost - and an exquisite range of innovative, hygienic ceramic finishes for our unique worktops. We will build you a truly unique and perfect kitchen.

Cubic Breakfast Bar
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