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Bringing Your Garden to Life: Concept Plans and Immersive Walkthroughs in Pontefract

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Bringing Your Garden to Life.

Concept plans and immersive walkthrough animations for a rear garden in Pontefract, thoughtfully designed by MP Landscape & Garden Design.

Design Highlights:

  1. Brick Raised Beds: Immerse yourself in the charm of brick raised beds, carefully designed for vibrant plantings that bring your garden to life.

  2. Indian Sandstone Paving and Cobble Sets: Step onto a canvas of elegance with Indian sandstone paving and cobble sets, offering a timeless foundation for your outdoor haven.

  3. Pergola or Covered Canopy: Tailor your space with the option of a pergola or a covered canopy, creating a versatile area that suits your style and preferences.

  4. BBQ Area: Envision delightful outdoor gatherings with a dedicated BBQ area, perfect for sizzling summer evenings and creating lasting memories.

  5. Two Seating Areas: Discover the flexibility of two distinct seating areas, strategically placed to capture the best views and moments in your garden.

  6. Lawn and Planting: Embrace the greenery with a well-maintained lawn and strategically placed planting areas, adding a touch of nature to your outdoor sanctuary.


Designed with passion and precision by MP Landscape & Garden Design.


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