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MP Landscape & Garden Design's Dual-Level GardenDesign in Wakefield"

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Dual-Level GardenDesign in Wakefield.

Embark on an enchanting journey through the garden design by MP Landscape & Garden Design Ltd—a concept plan and immersive walkthrough animation for a rear garden in Wakefield, meticulously crafted across two levels to redefine outdoor living.

The lower level, adorned with exquisite porcelain paving, sets the stage for tranquility. Here, two pergolas stand sentinel, providing shelter and character to a space meticulously leveled by a retaining wall. Nestled within this haven is a captivating fish pond, adding an aquatic touch to the garden's allure.

Ascending to the upper level reveals a symphony of functionality and natural charm. To the left, sleeper raised beds offer an invitation to cultivate homegrown vegetables, complemented by a chicken run—a testament to sustainable living integrated seamlessly into the design.

On the right, a cobble set path meanders gracefully, guiding explorers through the garden. Along this path, a bench nestled within the lush planting invites reflection and repose—a serene oasis within the natural tapestry. The journey leads back, completing the harmonious loop that encompasses both levels of this garden design.

MP Landscape & Garden Design Ltd's concept plan and walkthrough animation unveil an elevated paradise—a garden that marries functionality with aesthetics. It's a celebration of nature's beauty and purposeful design embracing the essence of serene outdoor living in Wakefield.

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