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"Enhancing a Sloped Garden in Wakefield: MP Landscape & Garden Design's Solutions"

Enhancing a Sloped Garden in Wakefield.

These garden design plans by MP Landscape & Garden Design for a sloped rear garden in Wakefield. This space has a natural incline that culminates at an existing retaining wall, offering a perfect canvas for a remarkable transformation.

In these concept plans, I've designed two distinct paving options to amplify both the visual appeal and functionality of the area. The first design showcases the classic elegance of Indian sandstone paving combined with cobble sets, while the second introduces a touch of sophistication with porcelain paving, also paired with cobble sets.

Both designs ingeniously integrate sleeper retaining walls to fashion a two-tiered garden. Picture a lower-level patio ideal for relaxation and hosting, leading up to an elevated seating area with a delightful pergola.

At MP Landscape & Garden Design, I prioritize seamless integration of style and practicality, ensuring these plans optimize space and offer effortless transitions between different garden areas.

There are two virtual walkthrough animations of these designs, where I'll showcase the key features and the unique experiences each plan brings to life.

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