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Google review for MP Landscape & Garden Design.

Updated: Feb 23

A God Send !

When looking to sort out the garden in our new build we had played with so many ideas and everyone we spoke to suggested something different.

Micheal was brilliant a reasonable fee for a fantastic service - from meeting us and surveying the garden doing two different designs each meeting our needs - then talking through the likes and dislikes, and coming up with a master plan and layout.

He was then able to help source suppliers and work for them to produce quotes.

So we now have a design to work to and the project broken down into stages - just what we needed - we know now what it will look like - have a walk-through animation site plans and the best bit the knowledge we can call and ask what we may think are silly questions and he is there with sage advice.

Can't wait to see if we can now make it all real! My Wife who has problems

Visualising things also has a good idea. Now know what we are doing.!

Google review for MP Landscape & Garden Design

Googlr Review for MP Landscape & Garden Design

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