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Patio design Pontefract

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Garden layout plans & walkthrough animation by MP Landscape & Garden Design for a rear garden in Pontefract.

Embrace the charm and elegance of this delightful patio design, featuring brick raised beds, a pergola with a timber canopy, and Indian sandstone paving adorned with cobble sets. This well-balanced combination creates a visually appealing outdoor space that will enhance the ambiance of your patio area.

Key Features:

  1. Brick Raised Beds: The patio showcases tasteful brick raised beds, adding a touch of rustic appeal and providing a perfect backdrop for plants and flowers. These beds serve both a functional and decorative purpose, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the patio.

  2. Pergola and Timber Canopy: A focal point of the design is the inviting pergola, crafted with timber, which offers a shaded area for relaxation. The accompanying timber canopy provides protection from the elements, ensuring year-round usability of the patio.

  3. Indian Sandstone Paving: Step onto the patio and experience the natural beauty of Indian sandstone paving. Its earthy tones and textured surface create a visually pleasing and durable flooring option, adding a touch of elegance to the patio area.

  4. Cobble Sets: Enhancing the charm of the Indian sandstone paving, cobble sets are incorporated, adding a delightful visual element and creating interest within the paved space.


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