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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

This second concept garden design is to make use of an existing Anderson air raid shelter.

This landscape design is just part of a large garden in Ackworth, Pontefract.


From the main patio area there will be stone built raised beds with a central opening leading out to a curved path with planting on either side to a raised water feature.

From there you turn right and head towards a decked area.

The top of the shelter a wild meadow turf will be laid.


Turning right from the main patio area you head towards a sculpture on the far right of the garden. you come to stairs leading down to the sunken patio on the left. To the right you can head up the steps to a fire pit area surround by planting


The sunken patio has a louvered canopy that can be used for shade or protection from the rain. The sunken patio has bench seating with the door way into the bunker


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