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Two-Tiered Retreat by MP Landscape & Garden Design

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Two-Tiered Retreat.

Discover the essence of sophistication in the concept plans and immersive walkthrough animation for a rear garden in Pontefract, designed by MP Landscape & Garden Design. As the garden unfolds across two levels, visualize the main patio area, directly accessible from the patio doors, featuring a charming water feature and steps leading down to the garage.

Ascend the steps from the main patio to encounter an elevated seating area, sheltered by a pergola and adorned with a cozy fire pit—a perfect retreat for moments of relaxation. The scene is set against the backdrop of porcelain paving, complemented by block and render raised beds, retaining walls, and carefully curated planting areas.

Stay tuned for expert insights as MP Landscape & Garden Design transforms your outdoor space into an elevated haven of tranquility.

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