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MP Landscape & Garden Design's Wakefield Garden Design Plans.

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Wakefield Garden Design. Experience a transformative vision designed by MP Landscape & Garden Design—a garden plan and immersive walkthrough animation for a rear garden in Wakefield. These plans unveil an opulent oasis, meticulously detailed to harmonize functionality and luxury within a natural canvas. Anchoring the design is the elegance of porcelain paving, accentuated by a charming cobble set border that defines the space with timeless sophistication. The main patio area by the house boasts block and render raised beds, a picturesque setting for flourishing greenery and a showcase for vibrant blooms. Central to this space stands a stunning block and render free-standing outdoor kitchen adorned with a granite worktop—a culinary haven that encompasses a pizza oven and BBQ. It's an invitation to savor gastronomic delights amidst the serene outdoors. From the main patio, a lush lawn unfolds, punctuated by strategically placed stepping stones leading to another patio nestled by a children's play area. This designated play zone promises endless joy and adventure for young ones, complemented by thoughtfully planted borders that add color and character to the landscape. MP Landscape & Garden Design's garden design plans and walkthrough animation for this Wakefield rear garden epitomize opulence and functionality intertwined. It's a testament to the fusion of luxurious outdoor living spaces with the serenity of nature—a canvas designed for relaxation, culinary exploration, and joyful moments with family.

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