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Garden design concept plans for a sloping garden in Leeds

Concept plans and walk-through animations for a rear garden in Leeds which include

  • Timber Canopy: A timber frame structure can be built to provide shade and shelter.

  • Brick Retaining Walls: These can be used to create different levels in the garden and define separate areas. Bricks can be used to match existing buildings or can be chosen for their complementary color.

  • Steps: Steps made brick risers and sandstone paving will provide access to different levels in the garden.

  • Water Feature: A water feature such a fountain can add a calming element to the garden and attract wildlife.

  • Sandstone Paved Dining Area: A flat sandstone patio can be created for outdoor dining and entertaining, surrounded by lush plants and flowers.

  • Lighting: Outdoor lighting can be used to highlight the water feature and steps, and to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in the evenings.

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