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"Tranquil Haven Unveiled: My Vision for Wakefield's Garden Oasis by MP Landscape & Garden Design Ltd

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Embarking on this concept plan and walkthrough animation for a segment of a large rear garden in Wakefield, I've envisioned a serene landscape that captivates at every turn. The journey begins with a sleeper retaining wall, gracefully sculpting the garden's contours and allowing for leveled beauty to unfold.

Key Features:

- Sleeper Retaining Wall and Leveling: Witness the artistry of a sleeper retaining wall, creating a picturesque canvas that levels the garden, fostering a balanced and harmonious landscape.

- Timber Archway and Sandstone Path with Cobble Sets: A welcoming timber archway beckons entry onto a scenic sandstone path, meticulously accented by cobble sets, guiding you through this tranquil escape.

- Summer House and Patio Area: Discover a serene oasis adorned with a charming summer house and patio, an inviting space designed for moments of relaxation and contemplation.

- Water Feature and Arbour: Delight in the allure of a carefully positioned water feature, enhanced by an arbour opposite, offering a serene viewpoint to bask in the beauty of the garden's centerpiece.

- Wildflower Meadow and Pergola: Meandering through a vibrant wildflower meadow, the path leads to a captivating pergola nestled at the garden's summit, promising breathtaking vistas and moments of contemplation.

This concept plan embodies a harmonious blend of natural elements and structured design, creating a picturesque retreat within Wakefield's expansive garden landscape—a testament to designing a tranquil haven that invites immersion in nature's serenity.

"Tranquil Haven Unveiled: My Vision for Wakefield's Garden Oasis by MP Landscape & Garden Design Ltd.

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