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Google review, Wakefield

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Jonty Abbott 1 review 12 hours agoNEW Positive: Professionalism I don't write many reviews but I've been meaning to write this one a while as it's right to do so. We were stuck for ideas, and for someone to do the work, but desperately wanted to improve the back garden, driveway and front garden. It was all a bit tired and letting the house down in truth. We wanted to enjoy the garden more, have less maintenance to do (weeding, there was way too much weeding) and improve the front aspect for better kerb appeal. Having made several false starts with others, I reached out to Mick Palmer after finding him online. Now if like I was, you're a little reluctant to pay for garden design and project management, it's worth reconsidering. Once we got talking to Mick this is when things got moving. Mick visited us and talked to us about what we were trying to achieve and what we'd use the space for. He listened, gently challenged us, gave us food for thought, and came up with options we hadn't considered. We got 2 designs done and picked the best aspects from each. He then did a third design combining them. These were 3D virtual walkthrough designs that were easy to see and understand. Like Mick said at the time, if you like the design you'll like the garden, they're that accurate. And they were. Mick then organised a trusted team from his network of contacts and scheduled the work. We had to wait a while (they were busy but that's good right?) and got a great job, done to budget and on time. The difference is well, pretty amazing really, a real transformation and true to the design. I'm just looking at it now and, honestly, couldn't be happier. And like Mick said again, even when you're not sat out in it, you look out onto it, so it improves being inside as well as out! Thanks again Mick, great job that'll be much appreciated for years to come. Like Response from the owner12 hours ago Thanks Jonty, it was a pleasure.

Google review, Wakefield

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