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Stunning Garden Design Idea for a Sloping Landscape

Updated: Feb 2

Embark on an exciting journey as I unveil MP Landscape & Garden Design Ltd's garden design plans for a rear sloping garden in Pontefract. These plans, featuring a captivating walkthrough animation, promise to redefine your outdoor space with both style and functionality.

Picture this: A stunning patio adorned with porcelain paving, nestled near the property. Brick raised beds and a charming pergola create a cozy retreat for outdoor moments. Follow the inviting cobble path that guides you seamlessly through the garden, winding around carefully curated plantings that add a touch of nature to your space.

The journey continues to a greenhouse, a haven for green fingers, where you can cultivate your own botanical haven. Descend to the lower patio, where a brick retaining wall defines the space and frames a welcoming fire pit—perfect for gatherings under the open sky. The borders are thoughtfully adorned with an array of plantings, enhancing the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Take a look at the walkthrough animation that brings these plans to life by MP Landscape & Garden Design Ltd.

Stunning Garden Design Idea for a Sloping Landscape

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