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Wakefield's Tiered Garden by MP Landscape & Garden Design"

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

These garden design plans and immersive walkthrough animation for a tiered rear garden in Wakefield encapsulate an oasis adorned with porcelain paving and cobble sets, featuring a series of elements curated to elevate outdoor living.

Embracing Porcelain Paving and Cobble Set Elegance:

Explore the allure of porcelain paving complemented by cobble sets, weaving an enchanting tapestry that combines elegance with rustic charm in this tiered landscape.

Structural Elements: Retaining Wall, Pergola, and Trellis Panels:

Discover the functionality and aesthetics of a retaining wall that creates distinct tiers, alongside meticulously designed pergolas and trellis panels that add architectural interest and offer space for climbing greenery.

Sleeper Raised Beds and Verdant Plantings:

Experience the versatility of sleeper raised beds, carefully crafted for growing vegetables, harmoniously integrated with meticulously planned plantings, forming a natural canvas within the tiers.

Lush Lawn and Inviting Spaces:

Visualize a lush lawn harmonizing with inviting spaces spread across the tiers—a perfect blend of open areas and cultivated greenery, inviting relaxation and connection with nature.

Wakefield's Tiered Garden by MP Landscape & Garden Design"

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