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Designing Wakefield's Multi-Level Garden Haven

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Wakefield's Multi-Level Garden Haven.

Intrigue awaits in the concept plans and immersive walkthrough animation for a large rear garden in Wakefield, Designed by MP Landscape & Garden Design. At the upper tier, a contemporary marvel unfolds with a glass-covered outdoor kitchen and dining area, setting the stage for modern outdoor indulgence. Descend to the next level, revealing a tranquil patio, complemented by block and render raised beds for flourishing plant life and a serene water feature. The lowest tier unveils a vibrant garden oasis, boasting a lush lawn, carefully curated plantings, a timber canopy, and an inviting children's play area. Journey through the layers and discover how MP Landscape & Garden Design transforms spaces into elevated realms of serenity.

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