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Creative Garden Design Ideas for a Property in Wakefield.

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Creative Garden Design for a Property in Wakefield.

Garden layout plans & animation for a rear garden in Wakefield. You can see the layout plan and see how it looks animated in real time! When it comes to designing and creating a beautiful garden, many people struggle with where to start. There are just so many different elements you need to consider if you want your garden to look its best and function well too. It is very common for people to start with one area and then go on to the next one while neglecting to complete the areas they already have in place.

The design includes Indian sandstone paving and Indian cobble sets. There are also sleeper-raised beds with a water feature built into them. This design was commissioned by a client, who was looking to re-design their garden, making it a more functional space for entertaining and relaxing.

This is the final design, which I presented to my client for approval. The animations showed the client how the different elements would work together to create a relaxing environment that was inviting all year round. The client loved the final design and agreed that the layout was perfect.

The garden needed to be designed in a way that would maximise the space available and create a practical environment for the homeowner to enjoy. It also had to create a wow factor for guests visiting the property, while providing a secluded and peaceful area for the homeowner to unwind. I think this design ticks all the boxes. It has created a fantastic outdoor space for the homeowners to use and enjoy for many years to come.

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