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Garden design, Knottingley, Pontefract.

Garden design and walk through animation for a property in Knottingley, Pontefract.

This is a wonderful garden design! The louvered canopy over the dining area is a great addition as it allows for adjustable shade and protection from rain, while still allowing natural light to filter through. The placement of the outdoor kitchen next to the dining area is also practical and convenient for outdoor entertaining.

The built-in outdoor fire with a timber pergola is a lovely feature that can provide warmth and a cozy ambiance during cooler evenings. The raised beds for vegetable growing are a great way to incorporate fresh produce into your meals and add a touch of greenery to the space. The arbor and planting areas can provide additional shade and privacy while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the garden.

Finally, the lawn and paths connecting the different areas provide a functional and visually appealing way to navigate the space. Overall, this garden design has been well thought out and carefully planned to create a beautiful and functional outdoor living area.

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